Linux Mint / Ubuntu – Beats Audio on HP Laptop

I am glad someone figured it out!! I will repost him so that all those stuck with crappy sound without Beats on their HP laptops while using Ubuntu get a breather.

Please note – if you are using Ubuntu 13.10 or above, you do not need to install hda-jack-retask separately, its a part of the alsa package. Install alsa-tools-gui in that case using the standard software manager.

Follow these steps (skip installing hda-jack-retask if Ubuntu 13.10 or higher)

OK! I figured it out! It sounds *awesome*!

Step 1: Install hda-jack-retask from here: (ppa:diwic/hda)

Step 2: Open hda-jack-retask

Step 3: Select the IDT 92HD91BXX codec (may be different on other models)

Step 4: Check the “Show unconnected pins” box (the internal speakers do not show as connected)

Step 5: Remap 0x0d (Internal Speaker, Front side) to “Internal speaker”

Step 6: Remap 0x0f (“Not connected” but is the under-display speakers) to “Internal speaker”

Step 7: Remap 0x10 (“Not connected” but is the subwoofer) to “Internal speaker (LFE)”

Step 8: Apply now, then test with your favorite audio program (some may not work due to Pulse reset, so find one that does, verify sound is coming from all speakers).

Step 9: If it works, select “Install boot override” to save the settings to apply at boot time.

Step 10: Reboot. When it comes back, you should have full sound from all speakers. Also test headphones. Plugging in headphones should disable sound from all internal speakers.


This worked awesome on my laptop! If you have questions just post in comments here.