Solving the infamous AppStore not working problem!

I run a Mac clone and recently switched over to Mac OS X Lion. One of the problems that has been infamous amongst most Mac users, both regular as well as Hackintosh, is the AppStore complaining – “Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance.” after an upgrade.

I will jump straight to a problem-solution approach:

After an upgrade, your AppStore stops working with the following error:
“Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance.”

As I gathered from numerous blogs, it happens due to the fact that your Ethernet card is not the first network device.

Before we start, let me make it clear that there is no one-solution-for-all to this. We have to try a series of steps and see which one works.

First solution:

  • Go to Network Preferences and remove every network interface (by selecting and pressing the ‘-‘ button at the bottom)
  • Delete the NetworkInterfaces.plist and
  • Reboot
  • Go to Network Preferences and add your network connections/interfaces again – BUT start with Ethernet first and make it eth0
  • Check if AppStore works by trying to sign into it

Second solution:

This solution involves following these steps which I gathered from TonyMacX86 forum:

To do this i:
– downloaded EFI Studio, selected Ethernet, selected Add Device. Then clicked write to
– Then went to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and selected the new key and string it added.
– Then coped this string and pasted into the /Extra/ file and saved.

Then important STEP!
– Remove all network devices from System Preferences/Network.
– Delete deleting library>preferences>system configuration> NetworkInterfaces.plist file.

* Finally, Reboot.

After reboot, go to System Preferences/Network add add devices. Click (Ethernet) FIRST!! Then add the other adapters you use to connect to the internet.

For me the above steps also didn’t quite work. I had to do one final thing to get it working. I added the two keys mentioned below to the in Extra folder (in my case org.chameleon.boot.plist)



It worked for me after that!

If it still doesn’t work for you, review each of your steps again to make sure you didnt err somewhere. Then follow this thread and see what you can gather out of it:

DiskMax hard disk cleaner

Recently I have been having problems on one of my hard disk drives running low on free space. DiskMax really was a life saver in critical moment. Not only does it do a general cleanup, but it also cleans up cache of common tools like IE or Chrome browsers. When I ran it first time it recovered close to 4 gigs in 10 mins!

Terrific tool for those who have smaller windows partitions!

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Totally sold out on Apple!

A few hours back I got my first iPhone 4 after having bought an Android phone, the Samsung 5510, just a month back. With all certainty I can say that the Android doesn’t come anywhere close to iOS and the applications on it just yet.

Weirdly enough I never got Google Maps running properly without crashing every 15 minutes while I was trying to navigate using Android! And as most would agree, an app crash is a rare occurrence on the iPhone (unless the app is badly written).

I would love to get back to writing applications for the iPhone and the iPad as now I own both 🙂 Anyone got any cool app ideas?

BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Why Web Installers are great

Are you one of those who is wondering why all of a sudden every software has a Web Installer (a small executable that downloads rest of the stuff) instead of a traditional setup.exe which used to the sole file you needed to install a software? The reason is, a web installer is a smart tool that assess how many components are already installed, and based on that downloads only the stuff that you actually need. This reduces download size from say 500 MB to just 100 MB if you already have most of the dependencies installed.

(I knew this for a while but recently happened to program one such installer and was admiring the beauty of this simple idea)

Why Dropbox is so cool!

I have Dropbox configured on all the machines that I use, and must say that it comes in extremely handy. The biggest gain I think of using Dropbox is the fact that I feel safe in my head that my critical information lives on a server and is synced on all connected computers. A little while back I had sworn I wouldn’t move away from SkyDrive (by Microsoft) but the way Dropbox works is just so amazing! I wish Microsoft had something similar to that for SkyDrive. Though they have Live Mesh but its nothing as cool as SkyDrive and doesn’t run on older versions of Windows.

Anyone working on a Dropbox style utility for SkyDrive? Shouldn’t be too tough because I do know we have some open source projects which do similar stuff. There is SkyDrive.NET, a set of API libraries for SkyDrive which should make it fairly simple for one such tool to be programmed.

Fax services on Vista home premium

All the Windows Vista Home Premium users by now must have figured out that they don’t have the basic Windows Fax and Scan services. Too bad Microsoft decided to remove something that basic from an already crappy operating system. The only solution is to look for an alternate and I seem to have found a good alternate – Classic Phone Tools by Avanquest Software

You can get the full version for free if you follow the right links on the page. So far it seems to work great for me! Let me know if anyone of you knows other better Windows Fax software.

Starting out with WordPress!

Hello World! Finally I am going to start using WordPress for maintaining my online website. For the past 2 years I was acting lazy by postponing the creation of my own custom Blog application for my website, and at the end, Laziness wins! So here I am back at using WP blog.See you soon again!