CopyFat – Life saver file copy program!

I wrote this program back in my early college years when CDs still reigned the media storage and most of them had scratches on them. This program did one simple thing, it would copy the file as much as possible. Wondering how retrieving a damaged file helps at all? Well some file types, specially video media files, are more tolerant to missing chunks of data. Most video players know how to skip over damaged frames and move on over it.This made it a great tool for recovering movies from damaged CDs/DVDs. I also enabled bulk copy on it so that it would copy an entire folder using the same trick as mentioned above.I am uploading an installer as well as the source code for it.

Starting out with WordPress!

Hello World! Finally I am going to start using WordPress for maintaining my online website. For the past 2 years I was acting lazy by postponing the creation of my own custom Blog application for my website, and at the end, Laziness wins! So here I am back at using WP blog.See you soon again!