Why Dropbox is so cool!

I have Dropbox configured on all the machines that I use, and must say that it comes in extremely handy. The biggest gain I think of using Dropbox is the fact that I feel safe in my head that my critical information lives on a server and is synced on all connected computers. A little while back I had sworn I wouldn’t move away from SkyDrive (by Microsoft) but the way Dropbox works is just so amazing! I wish Microsoft had something similar to that for SkyDrive. Though they have Live Mesh but its nothing as cool as SkyDrive and doesn’t run on older versions of Windows.

Anyone working on a Dropbox style utility for SkyDrive? Shouldn’t be too tough because I do know we have some open source projects which do similar stuff. There is SkyDrive.NET, a set of API libraries for SkyDrive which should make it fairly simple for one such tool to be programmed.